Project Description

Higham Post Office

Higham Post Office was a fantastic opportunity to assist a client in the modification of layout and structure of what was previously a supermarket. The proposed build involved converting the existing property into a convenience store with two independent flats above. Initial drawings and architectural designs were suitable to gain planning approval through Gravesham Planning Office. In addition to planning, we were also able to gain conditional building control approval for the change in building structure to accommodate the new flats and all relevant access and health and safety requirements.

At Synergy we have a wealth of experience in dealing with these types of developments so we were able to professionally guide our clients through each step of the process to ensure the project was able to move successfully through to completion.

If you are looking to get a similar project up and running then please get in touch via our contact page. We have the experience and expertise to get your project off the ground and project managed through until completion.